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All quotes are estimates, and do not include P & P charges. Return P & P is approx. £15 for P & P. Please contact us in advance to get a full and accurate estimate. Watch has to be sent to us for our watchmaker to give an accurate estimate.

We will service your watch, repair and refurbish and replace battery, and test the watch accuracy and efficiency, making sure it fall within the manufactures specified tolerance, before we return it to the owner. In addition your newly serviced watch will come with a 12 month warranty. 

  • The cost of an estimate is £50 (£35 + £15 for return P & P), which will not be charged in the case you decide to go ahead with the service. (£15 P & P will be added to the final total amount if proceeding with the service quoted price. if you decide to decline our quote, we will return the watch, where the £50 will also includes the return P & P)
  • The service prices quoted here does not include price for parts if damaged. This will be given in initial quote after inspection of the timepiece.
  • All servicing price may vary depending on; Make, age and movement.
  • We endeavour to have most services completed within 3 - 4 weeks, however on certain watches this may take longer example if require to order and source parts.
  • Watches with "after set" diamond bezels, will not be guaranteed water-proof, even if tested and confirmed water-proof.
  • Please note that prices below are just an approximate guideline, and that they may vary depending on make, model, access to parts and age.
  • Prices below do not include parts. All parts price quotes on application.
  • Prices for Bezel and Dial swaps is where the customer provides their own parts for the change / swap.


  • Contact us for an estimate via email
  • Post the watch to us by secure postage incl. a payment of £50 (this includes return P & P cost in case you decide to decline our quote after inspection)
  • Once we receive the watch, our watchmaker team will inspect the watch, and come with a final quote upon inspection
  • You can then decide if you want to proceed with the quote.
  • If you decline, we will return the watch to you with Special Delivery, or if you approve the quote
  • We will go ahead with the agreed service and services, the quote given will not incl. the return Shipping cost of £15. Your £50 estimate fee will be deducted from the total cost of the service quote.


  • Quartz from £80
  • Manual / Mechanical from £150
  • Automatic from £190
  • Chronograph from £245
  • Insurance Valuation by third party jeweller: £50

(All servicing quotes may vary depending on Make, Model, Age and cost of parts)

  • Battery: £15
  • Test Waterproof: £15
  • Timing: £30
  • Spring bars ( a set): £15
  • All other bars / pins: £15 each
  • Links Added or Removed (if watch not sold by us): £20
  • Batton (s) / Hands on: £20
  • Strip / Assemble: £35
  • A.P / Hublot Strip / assemble: £50
  • Case Back / Case tube Gasket: £20
  • Red /  Green Gasket: £20

GLASSES (Rolex glasses are after market / custom  made model)

  • Rolex Crystal Glass: £80
  • Rolex Plastic / Acrylic Glass: £60
  • Rolex Gasket: £25
  • All Other Glass Prices on request


  • Dial Swap non Chronograph: £45
  • Dial Swap Chronograph: £80
  • Bezel Swap: £45
  • Audermars Piguet Bezel Swap: £65