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Care Package Offer will provide a free health check of the watch after our 6 and months warranty period and within 12 months of purchase, where our watchmaker will diagnose and inspect your watch for any issues.

Watch must be delivered to us by secure delivery method, we recommend you obtain proof of postage, all deliveries and insurance costs of the watch are at the customer’s expense. This also includes the return postage/insurance costs. shall not be liable for any repairs required as result of this inspection of the watch. However we can provide instant quotes for any repairs/services required.

On request we can provide a refurbishment / re-polish of the watch, Stainless Steel, Steel & Gold and Gold models (not Gold Plated models).

However we reserve the right to polish a watch, if we feel it can prove to damage the watch. We reserve the right to refuse to refurbish certain watches at our discretion.

Please contact us in advance regarding any questions with this and quote.

Fill in the form below, and attach a copy of the insurance valuation provided at the sale of the watch.