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Given the nature of our Goods, bracelet sizes may vary as they are not always supplied to us with a full accompaniment of links.

Where a watch is advertised as having seals intact the bracelet will not be adjusted. Where the size exceeds our standard size, links will be supplied at your cost or at our discretion. If no bracelet size is given any additional links will be chargeable.

Sizing your watch

Fitting Your Wrist - Removing Links

If you have ordered a watch with a metal bracelet, there is a good chance you will have to have one or more links removed to fit your wrist properly. This can only be done with the wearer present. That is why we ship all watches un-sized. 

We suggest you take your watch to a reputable local jeweler for sizing. Expect to pay a nominal fee (around £5 - £10) for this service. Do not attempt to size your own watch! You may damage or scratch the watch and bracelet. The liability is yours - will not accept a scratched or damaged watch for return.

The Links hold on to Them

After the links are removed, keep those links! Occasionally, a watch bracelet may break. It is a lot easier (and cheaper!) to have the bracelet repaired with your own links than ordering and shipping new ones.

(Please remember that once you have your watch sized, you may NOT return it for a cash refund or exchange if it is addition of specially ordered links or a physical alteration of the bracelet)

To check your bracelet size please use something that is not stretchable, paper etc around your wrist and measure the length of this.