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Sell your watch

We offer do the following options where we can either buy your watch or sell your watch on commission/consignment. Regardless of what option you choose please read the following Terms and Conditions and procedure for this.

For us to be able to give an accurate value of the watch you would need to provide us with the following information:

1. Watch model, make and condition, if any box, any paperwork/documentation and images or send the watch to us for inspection.
Please send this to us by e-mail:

Based on your information we will give a quote for Sale Price or Commission Sale or both.
On Commission Sale we will normally take a percentage of the total sales price based on the market price of similar models.

We reserve the right to amend or withdraw the valuation at any time without liability to you, furthermore if we suggest a sale price for a commission sale you are under no obligation commit to this.

2. If you are happy with the process with the initial valuation or commission sale, you will to arrange for a secure delivery to us of the watch. Please include all paperwork, boxes and links.

3. Upon receipt of the Goods, we will inspect the Goods and paperwork. We will then get in touch with a final valuation. We will also give you a quote of cost work required to be done on your watch for consignment sale.

4. We will then contact you with a final valuation for your watch in the case of a outright sale or we will contact you with details of work required to be completed on your watch and their costs in the case of a consignment sale.

Notwithstanding any such inspection or testing, you shall remain fully responsible for the items and any inspection or testing shall not reduce or otherwise affect your obligations under the contract, including without limitation those listed under “Your Undertakings” below.

5. A revised valuation may be offered where:
(1) the watch does not fully comply with the information provided during the valuation process;
(2) the condition is such that it has a substantial impact on the value of the watch;
(3) other relevant factors not disclosed affect the valuation; and/or
(4) for any other reason.

If you wish to proceed with a sale and accept our final valuation, we will arrange to pay you the agreed sum by bank transfer/Paypal

The contract between us will only be formed when you have accepted the final price quoted and the sum has been paid. We will then send you an e-mail confirming when payment has been made, the sum paid and the payment method.

You may purchase a watch from us in part-exchange of your current watch. The sale of your existing watch to us and your purchase of a watch from us shall be treated as separate contracts with the relevant terms and conditions applicable to each.  

The contract between us under these terms and conditions will only be formed when you have accepted the final price quoted.

Congsignment / Commission Sale

If you wish to proceed with a commission sale, the contract between us will only be formed when we agree for work to be carried out on your watch (which, if required, must be agreed before listing on our website) and estimated costs of such works are also agreed or your watch is first advertised on our website, whichever is sooner.

The prices quoted by us and all payments made by us will be in Pounds Sterling. The price quoted will be net; please see the VAT margin scheme for further details. If you need to refund any sum to us, this will also be in Pounds Sterling. You will be responsible for the exchange rate and you are advised that refunds may be affected by such exchange rate.

We will make payment to the bank account advised by you or by PayPal. Please note that you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your bank account details or PayPal account details. We will not accept liability if you provide us with inaccurate bank details.

Payment will be made by Banks Automated Clearance System (BACS) transfer and cleared funds may take approximately 6 working days to arrive after payment has become due. No liability is accepted by us for any delay which is unavoidable in the circumstances. We reserve the right to pay by any other payment method when and where reasonable. All bank details must be entered by you and you are responsible for the accuracy of these details.

We can also pay via PayPal, we shall have no liability for any fees incurred by PayPal.

In the event that we discover that the watch is counterfeit, lost, stolen or damaged or is not fully owned by you or any other undertaking provided by you under “Your Undertakings” is breached, we have the option without prejudice to any other rights and remedies we may have to rescind the contract(s) and, if we choose to exercise this right, we will notify you by telephone and/or by e-mail as soon as possible upon discovery by us. In this case, payment will not fall due. If we have already made payment, you must refund us the full purchase price paid within 7 days of receipt of notice from us. If the sale involved a part-exchange, you must pay us the outstanding difference within 7 days or return the item for full refund.


If you sell your watch on a commission sale basis, then our fees and charges listed under “Commission Sale” below will apply. Please note that payment will only fall due after expiry of the 14 working day “cooling-off” period starting on the day after the customer receives the watch provided that the customer does not give notice to return the item during this period (again see “Commission Sale” below for further information).

Any outstanding monies owed to us, including without limitation any servicing costs agreed between us, will be deducted from any payment to you.

The price quoted excludes import duty or other taxes, fees and charges

You will pay all amounts due under these terms and conditions in full without any deduction or withholding except as required by law and you will not be entitled to assert any credit, set-off or counterclaim against us in order to justify withholding payment of any such amount in whole or in part. We may at any time, without limiting any other rights or remedies we may have, set off any amount owing to us by you against any amount payable by us to you.

It is always possible that, despite our best efforts, we provide you with an incorrect valuation. If for some reason an error in the valuation quoted has occurred, we will rectify the valuation as soon as reasonably practicable after notification of the mistake.

If the valuation error is obvious and unmistakeable and could have reasonably been recognised by you as a mispricing, we do not have to buy the items from you at the incorrect price. No liability whatsoever can be accepted by us for accidental mistakes or errors caused by system failures.

If you would like us to list your watch on our website and attempt to sell the item on your behalf, we will take a commission of the final sale proceeds. Our current commission is 15% of the final sale price (exclusive of postage and packaging) with a minimum charge applicable of £150.00.

Important Notice: You will receive the final net sale price less our commission. The costs of any works carried out is then deducted from this sum.

Watches must meet our standards before they may be listed on our website. On assessment of your watch, we will determine what work (if any) must be carried out on your watch prior to listing on our website. The details and estimated costs of any work required will be added to the cost of the sale of your watch by Planet4Watches with your approval.

You must also set your preferred sale price before your watch will be listed on our website. You will have an opportunity to enter a minimum sale price, which is not compulsory but is recommended.

Once you set the sale price(s) and have accepted the works required to be completed and the costs of such works (where applicable), we will list your watch on our website and our eBay account. We reserve the right to remove your watch from our website for any reason and at any time. We will promptly notify you in the event that such action is deemed necessary.

By setting a preferred sale price (compulsory) and minimum sale price (optional), you authorise us to proceed to sell the item on your behalf if an offer is made at or above the preferred or minimum sale price. If an offer below your minimum sale price is made (or your preferred sale price in the absence of a minimum sale price), we will seek to contact you before proceeding. If we cannot contact you, we will not proceed with the sale. We will provide you with e-mail confirmation if we successfully sell your watch at the preferred or minimum sale price.

Online customers are entitled to a 14 working day “cooling off” period by law, starting on the day after the customer receives the item. If a customer exercises their right to cancel the contract during this period, you will be notified of this and your watch relisted on our website on its return to us following inspection to ensure the watch is in the same condition.

No payment will be due to you. If no notice of cancellation is received during this period and the transaction is not cancelled as a result of a defect with the watch, we will arrange for payment to be made to you by BACS transfer within 14 working days of the expiry of the “cooling off” period. Please note that this clause applies regardless of whether or not the customer purchased and/or collected the watch from us.

Please also note that time of dispatch of the item to the customer shall not be of the essence, and in particular we have standard procedures that we must follow before we can dispatch an item (including without limitation confirmation of address by the customer.

We do not accept liability for a delay in the return of the watch from the customer to our offices where notice has been given by the customer to return the watch.

Where you authorise (whether orally or in writing, which shall include e-mail correspondence) any servicing, refurbishment or other work to be carried out on your watch, you will be charged the agreed price, regardless of whether or not the watch is subsequently sold.

Estimates by us are given in good faith, but are estimates only. Where the watch is not sold, we will return the watch to you on receipt of cleared funds only (please see "Lien" below).

If we arrange for a third party to prepare a quotation for servicing or other work to be carried out on your watch on your instruction, but you do not proceed with the work in question, an administrative charge may apply.

Watches are precision instruments with moving parts. Wear and tear is the unavoidable result of any mechanical movement. In time, all mechanical watches will need a service to ensure they continue to work to the highest level.

This period of time depends on, amongst other things, the brand and model, but it is recommended that all watches are serviced every 3 to 4 years to maintain their level of accuracy. As watches can be held in our possession for some time before being sold and dispatched, please note that watches may on occasion require servicing or other work between the period of arrival with us and sale. Any such work deemed necessary by us will be at your cost.

Please note that we reserve the right to vary our commission structure at any time. We cannot vary the commission payable by you once the watch has been sold to a customer, regardless of whether payment has been made to you. If we notify you that we would like to increase the commission payable by you to us prior to sale, and you would not like to proceed on that basis, please notify us of this within 1 week of the notification to you and we will remove your watch from our site and return it to you.

If you accept an offer by a customer at any time after the revised level of commission has been notified to you, you are deemed to accept the revised level of commission.

If you wish to sell your watch on a consignment basis, in addition to advertising your watch for sale on our website (or other selected websites), we reserve the right to store and display your watch at any for sale at select events without notice.

We reserve the right to terminate the commission service at any time. We will give you at least 48 hours’ written notice by email in advance if we choose to terminate the commission service. We will return your watch to the latest address we have on record for you, unless you advise to the contrary.

You may request that your watch is returned to you at any time. You will need to give us at least 48 hours’ written notice by email to

If we’ve incurred any fees on your behalf, you will need to reimburse us such fees in cleared funds before we can arrange to send your watch back to you. We cannot accept liability for any delay in returning the watch to you that is out of our reasonable control, including without limitation if your watch is with an external party (such as a manufacturer) at the time you give your notice.

Carriage, packing, insurance and any taxes or charges applicable shall be your responsibility and at your cost unless agreed otherwise (also see “Customs” below).

You will ensure that the items are properly packed and secured in such manner as to enable the items to withstand the normal rigors of transit and reach the Delivery Location in good condition.

Once you have accepted our initial valuation for your item or opt to proceed with a commission sale, a delivery note will be generated by us and you will be e-mailed this note.

All items posted to us should be accompanied by a delivery note. If your item is not accompanied by our delivery note, there could be a delay in processing your item on arrival at the Delivery Location.

You must deliver the items to the Delivery Location at your own risk. We suggest that you obtain proof of posting. If you decide not to proceed with a sale and are based within the UK, we will not make a charge for the postage, packaging and insurance costs of returning the items to you, unless we are returning the watch to you as a result of a breach of an undertaking under “Your Undertakings” (we will return counterfeit items free of charge using the regular post if you are based in the UK, but will make a charge of approximately £20.00 if instructed by you to return your item using the Royal Mail Special Delivery service to addresses in the UK. If you are based outside of the UK, a courier will be selected at our discretion and postage costs will be payable by you.)

Delivery of the items will be completed on the completion of unloading the items at the Delivery Location.

Once at the Delivery Location, we will confirm receipt of your watch and it will be inspected. This will usually take no more than 48 hours.

In exceptional circumstances and only by prior agreement, we may agree to collect the items directly from you. We may make a charge for this service.

Risk and title

Your watch will be our responsibility from the time of delivery to the Delivery Location.
In terms of ownership of the watch:

Sale: Ownership of the watch will pass from you to us when the contract is concluded between us.

Commission sale: Ownership of the watch will pass from you to the end customer only after the expiry of the cooling-off period afforded to customers pursuant to the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2002 if we have not received notice of cancellation by the customer during this period and the transaction is not cancelled as a result of a defect with the watch (see “The Items” below), provided always that you shall have no right to cancel an order by the end customer once it has been confirmed with us.


Without prejudice to any of our other rights or remedies, we shall have a general and particular lien over all items in our possession which are the property of you to secure payment by you of all sums due from you to us under any contract whatsoever.

Proof of Identity

You will need to provide 2 forms of Identification and 1 Proof of Address,

Accpeted ID’s are: Passport, Driving licence, Other

Proof of Address: Recent Bills, Council Tax or Bank statement 

If any item you have posted to us is lost or damaged while it is with us, and you provide satisfactory proof that you posted it and we received it, we will attempt to find a suitable like-for-like replacement but, if unsuccessful, we will pay you compensation for the item based on the actual loss you suffer.

The compensation will not exceed the latest price quoted by us to you for purchasing the item or the trade valuation price (whichever is applicable) at the time the item was lost or damaged less any of our costs including without limitation servicing fees.

We will transfer the full settlement sum due to you on receipt of the same from our insurers, provided always that you will receive all amounts due within 30 days of notification by us to you of the loss or damage.